Khobs & Chai (2022)

Through a conversation with my grandmother, I explore the question: what kind of life lessons do elders and motherly-figures teach us?

When I was younger, my grandmother often shared stories of living through the fall of the monarchy in Iraq, the Iran-Iraq war and the Gulf war. Despite experiencing difficult and horrifying events, her spirit has always been positive and warm. I tried to channel some of her vibrant soul through the medium of stop-motion. 

Thank you to  the Asian Arts and Culture Trust Organization and TIFF Bell Lightbox for your generous support. I am so honoured to be part of this year’s Conversation with Elder’s Exhibition alongside many other talented artists.

Sound Assistant: Johnny Chau 

My film screened at TIFF between May 13-22, 2022

"Self" (2020) displayed at the Shine On Exhibition in Nathan Philips Square, Toronto ON

film reel (2021)

She-Gaze (2021)                                                                         ilford hp5+ 35mm 

Dried & pressed Pansy from my garden 

                             Jiddo's Phone Book (2019)                                                       Lomography400,   35mm film 

Music video visuals filmed and directed by Noor Gatih for              Brianne Mathew's single "Stronger Than I Know" (2021)

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